DLH Performance OZ Mod Engine B
DLH Performance OZ Mod Engine B
DLH Performance OZ Mod Engine B
DLH Performance OZ Mod Engine B
DLH Performance OZ Mod Engine B
DLH Performance OZ Mod Engine B
DLH Performance OZ Mod Engine B

DLH Performance OZ Mod Engine B

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Who wants an engine guaranteed to go fast out of the box?

This is a brand new, never ran OZ package that has been completely re-worked by our performance engine partner DLH Performance of Edmonton, Canada. These are ready to run out of the box and FLY. Sent out with suitable jetting for Canada. Tried and proven performance.

Check out our short youtube video featuring this engine.  

Here's whats been done to the engines:

  • Approx. 7 HP, plus or minus depending on pipe used.
  • Stock head shaved and squish set for high compression.
  • Complete engine teardown.
  • Gaskets set
  • High quality crank bearings
  • True Crank shaft
  • Ported cylinder work (160 degree exhaust, 16 degrees blow down, 28mm wide ports)
  • Port matched to jug & gasket work
  • High Compression head shave with squish set
  • Racing plug mod
  • Carb & Reed installation (sealed)
  • Head torqued, clutch greased, checked and pre-set.
  • Cylinder fin edges lightly detailed for that custom look. 
  • For best results add a high performance pipe. 
  • Includes everything listed below as well. 
  • If inventory on website is listed as 0, allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Introducing the all new Zeda OZ80 Edition Triple 40 (40mm stroke, 40mm wide intake, and 40mm wide mount). Get the most recent model of the highly sought after JL Zeda 2 stroke bicycle engine kit. 

This bike engine kit has all of the necessary items to turn your pedal bicycle into a motorized monster! Supply is very limited so get yours while they last.

stock Zeda OZ80 Complete Engine Kit Includes:

  • Zeda S80 2.95 HP (stock) Engine (Actual U.S. displacement 69.4cc (40mm stroke))
  • OZ Intake Reed
  • Windowed Piston
  • High Performance Carb.
  • OZ Magneto coil
  • Oil seal retainer
  • Stainless steel allen bolts
  • Better balanced crank
  • Upgraded bearings / 60% thicker crank case around bearings
  • Stuffed crank case
  • Large intake port (40mm bolt hole width)
  • Round exhaust port
  • 40mm crank stroke (more powerful, efficient, and reliable)
  • Type B piston (high wrist pin)
  • Long rod (89mm)
  • Larger 8mm x 1.25 engine mount studs
  • Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 5"

Mounting Kit & Accessories

  • Fuel tank w/fuel cap, fuel valve, fuel filter, and fuel line
  • Chain Guard, 415 Heavy duty Chain, and ball bearing chain idler
  • Standard muffler
  • Throttle assembly w/gooseneck style throttle cable
  • New quick release clutch handle
  • Large front mount for bicycles that have large down tubes
  • Standard 44 tooth rear sprocket and adapter kit – Requires a mag wheel adapter for use with a 6 hole back wheel hub. 
  • Latest version CDI unit
  • In NEW pearl finish silver
  • Spark Plug socket tool and gear removal tool

Download a manual here